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ISL supports smallholder farmers to effectively adopt productivity enhancing technologies leading to improved yields and enabling them to participate in agriculture value chains through its market driven solutions and services. Specific Areas of support include:
• Farmer Aggregation and Out-grower Programs
We offer a range of services which helps smallholders integrate into the value chain of agro-allied industry players, enabling them access critical inputs and services thereby obtaining improved yields, earn better income sustainably as well contribute more to national GDP. Some of these services include:

• Aggregating farmers into trust groups
• Training farmers in improved production practices
• Geo mapping of farms/farmlands
• Soil analysis to determine appropriate fertilization regimes
• Organizing access to inputs (improved seeds, crop protection products, fertilizer, finance, insurance etc)
• Supervision to ensure adoption of good agronomic practices
• Linkages to output market/processors to guarantee sales at good prices
• Produce aggregation and quality assurance

• Farmers Empowerment and Capacity Building

As part of effort to ensure widespread adoption of good farming practices, ISL partners with a number of development projects to implement multi-channel farmers’ enlightenment campaigns that provide information on good farming practices to smallholder farmers. Some of the channels often used include radio, video and print materials. Recently, the company is pioneering the use of short farmer education videos on social media platforms, leveraging the growing penetration of mobile technology.

• Input Customization and Distribution
• Appropriate fertilizer recommendation and blending based on soil and plant analysis
• Determination of best bet crop protection strategies
• Varietal selection to target specific markets
• Climate change adaptation strategies

ISL also has distributorship agreement with major manufacturers of farm inputs thus enabling the availability of those inputs in rural communities: These includes Notore fertilizers and IITA-BIP’s NoduMax.

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